About me

My name is Daniel. And Menelkir isn't a surname, it's a nickname (like MuadDib that many people know me too). Actually living in Porto Alegre / Brazil, but I've lived in many places in the past.

1984 - My first videogame: Atari2600
1988 - My first computer: TK90X (ZX-Spectrum Clone), using cassetes, of course. Starting developing small stuff.
1989 - Gradiente MSX 1.1. BASIC, Pascal and some Z80-ASM.
1990 - Commodore64.
1992 - Japanese Megadrive.
1993 - SegaCD (with a Japanese Megadrive, dreadful install) and Super Nintendo. My firsts contacts with unix systems. My first x86 goes here (Pentium 100, 16Mb RAM, 1Gb HDD, Trident 9680).
1995 - First contact with linux. Sell my videogames to buy a Playstation. Starting working with graphical stuff and unix related systems. Getting pissed with Slackware with floppy disks. Also my first gameboy goes here.
1998 - First contact with BSD systems. Working with AIX.
1999 - Working with BSD and Linux Systems.
2000-2002 - Getting into various brazillian projects to migrate old systems to linux in federal institutions and banks. Worked on porting and migrating of linux to many platforms.
2003 - I had enough of Slackware and start using Gentoo Linux. My first ppc machine (A Macbook G3 running Gentoo).
2004 - Working with various Microsoft partners (because at this time, linux users doesn't want to help MS people with linux machines, but I never was this childish, and disregard of the vision of the users of this time, I’ve got a lot of knowledge of migration with this). Got My GameBoy Advance SP (still have it).
2005 - Working with a linux company in Curitiba/PR/BR, being a network teacher and developer. Changing jobs to BSD/Linux Support later.
2006 - Working with IBM Systems, like AIX, Storage devices, etc. Got a Panasonic A1WX, that I still have it.
2007 - Start using Arch Linux on some devices. Got my Sony PSP (still have it).
2008 - s/Gentoo/Funtoo/g. Got my Nintendo DS Lite (still have it, but it’s quite broken).
2009 - Start working with an IBM partner. Made a lot of developing stuff with IBM developers, increased my knowledge with PPC systems on this way. Worked on this same company until 2015.
2011 - PS Vita goes here. Got a 3DS (still have him)
2012 - New PS Vita (exchaged by a new generation later). Also got a 3DS XL but got robbed.
2014 - Nintendo N3DS XL (saddly broken), New PS Vita, Playstation 4.
2015 - Stopped working with IBM Enterprise Systems (I don't know for how long) because the quality of people in this area, seriously. It's hard to deal with both sides (at least here in Brazil). Actually I'm dealing only with opensource and community related in this area.
2016 - Working with several platforms, most developing and helping community. Also working with design area.
What I have of hardware right now:
Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP
Nintendo DS Lite (broken)
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo N3DS XL (broken)
Nintendo Wii
Sony PSP
Sony PS Vita
Sony Playstation 4
Panasonic MSX2+ A1WX
Raspberry Pi 2
Apple Macbook Air
Toshiba Qosmio
LG Nexus 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 3G
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4G
Apple Ipad Mini 1st Gen
Motorola Moto 360
My Custom PC (i5 Ivy Bridge 4Ghz, 8Gb RAM, 2x2Tb HDD, 1x4Tb USB3 HDD, GTX650 2Gb RAM)

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