26 May 2021

That's the end.

So.. the time has come..

I've used to think that the one of the last bastions of purism and quality in linux world will live in gentoo. Most distributions have different contraptions that, let's say, gives more trouble underground with a problem costumed of a solution. Then the systemd arrived and make this even bigger. Fine, gentoo offer the choice of systemd, it was a matter of not using at all (even so, at this day, openrc is the default option). Then, in the last years something was happening that wasn't good. I had to change meaningful things in the system to work as expected, but that's another subject.

Then they deleted consolekit because "everyone expects elogind". Cmon.. elogind is just a band-aid because you're lazy to not patch things to work as expected. I don't see a single fucking reason to ditch consolekit. And elogind brings a different animal to the scenario, you don't have systemd but you have the systemd problems, customed as "just elogind, so the modern software will work properly", say that to the BSD userland then.

Last weeks I've noticed that portage have a new "thing" now: git-r3 is acting different and is undocumented what changed, but changed, and to the worst aspect. I don't want to talk about that because I gave up explaining this shit over and over. 

My wild guess is that they'll link bin and sbin to /usr/bin and /usr/sbin too? 

The simplicity and functionality of Gentoo has fallen. There's no such thing of seriousness on this, it's just a children's desktop playground. There's not even consistency anymore, so after those last 20 years, it's time to let it go.