19 January 2021

Should I trust a company to sell IT goods to me?

Short answer: No

Long answer: You have to take some points in consideration.

1) The company you're buying knows the product they're selling? 

I mean, they know what connections the product have, what they're capable to do or at least have someone to explain to you without send you pdf via email with "here, read this"?

2) How is the company inside?

That's easy. Pay a visit to the company and take a look how they deal with their own security. Unless you want your data floating around in the hands of stupid people. Or even worse...

3) How the company deals with the IT

They have one IT department? They have an specialist to explain anything to you? Oh so they'll throw the support to someone else? 

4) 3rd party solutions

So the company you want to buy something doesn't know how to deal with the product they sell, so they'll pay someone else to make the deal? Do you have a plausible reason for that?

5) Meeting

When comes to a meeting, you're dealing with someone able to explain the product or with someone that is trying to sell you anything, speaking in tongues? Your choice.

6) Calls

How many levels of stupidity you have to deal until you have what you need?