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IT Sales in a nutshell

Pre-Sales Sales Manager Sales Director Salesman Base QI 70 70 71 70 Knowledge about the product they're selling 1 1 2 1 Knowledge about his own area 1 0 2 0 Thinks he's supperior to everyone else Y Y Y Y Thinks he's superior because he did a random university that learned nothing Y Y Y Y Thinks he's the business man of the year Y Y Y Y Shitpost in linkedin to feel awsome Y Y Y Y Uses lies to sell a product Y Y Y Y Uses more lies to justify the wrong product Y Y Y Y Uses business-bingo verbiage in meetings Y Y Y Y Lack of minimum IT basic knowledge Y Y Y Y How necessary is his own job in IT area 0 -1 -2 0

Init System Features and Benefits

I've found a very good reading about init systems here .

Audio cracks with Intel HD (and reflecting with some USB devices).

I had this problem with two different Intel HDs (also this problem reflects into my M-Audio USB). I'll let this registered here.