22 December 2018

Alternatives to Bloatware

The list is built pointing to software that has alternatives with less dependencies, and addressing dependencies was the easy thing. Some tools in particular were included because they add less dependencies overall while keeping a system functional. One such example is imagemagick and ffmpeg, by which you can do a lot of work and replace many tools by just using those with scripts and replace something like a screenshot utility. Certainly it would be great to have a comparative on resource usage. However, a new revision now includes software that was previously discarded for better comparison and featured recommendations will not be highlight for the moment.
TL;DR: is about the unix principle, having a fully functional system pretty damn minimal with that.

Source of this list: https://github.com/mayfrost/guides/blob/master/ALTERNATIVES.md

rEFInd: EFI Boot Manager

What is rEFInd?
Refind is an EFI boot manager (based on the old unmaintained rEFIt). With simple configuration, better functionality and theme supported.

Why rEFInd?
Because most bootloaders are crap. Bootloader should be simple to install, configure and manage. And with themes (because, why not?).

Where I can find more info about it?