23 October 2018

The non-elegant tray icons

    For whatever development reasons, some applications refuse to change the tray icons to reflect the theme you're using. For example, you want a nice dark/bright/whatever theme, and the icon in tray sit there, as the default one, breaking everything you want in your desktop. Yeah I know this feel.
    After some researching, I've made this guide and I'll improve over the time with more tips about this.

Obs.: You can also use this.


HexChat comes with built in icons for the tray, user list, and channel tree (which can be disabled in Preferences). You can use custom icons by placing icons (16x16 recommended) in an icons subdir, which may need to be created, within your config folder. The icons must be named exactly as follows including file extensions:
  • User List
    • ulist_netop.png
    • ulist_founder.png
    • ulist_owner.png
    • ulist_op.png
    • ulist_halfop.png
    • ulist_voice.png
  • Channel Tree
    • tree_channel.png
    • tree_dialog.png
    • tree_server.png
    • tree_util.png
  • Tray Icon
    • tray_normal.png
    • tray_fileoffer.png
    • tray_highlight.png
    • tray_message.png
    • hexchat.png

Source: Hexchat documentation

  1. Create the directory ~/.config/Clementine/customiconset.
  2. Inside this directory create an icons directory.
  3. Inside this icons directory, create 3 folders: 22x22, 32x32, and 48x48.
  4. In each one of these directories I can place the indicator panel icon files:
    a) clementine-panel.png -> the icon as it is displayed when player is stopped .
    b) clementine-panel-grey.png -> an overlay that slowly replaces the previous icon as the song plays.
    c) I can make both icons the same to remove the animation.
  5. Two levels up, inside the customiconset directory, I can place two other icons:
    a) tiny-pause.png -> an overlay icon (22x22) that will be scaled down by the application and represents the play symbol, which will be displayed on the top right of the indicator panel icon when the player is playing.
    b) tiny-pause.png-> same thing but for when the player is paused.
    c) If I don't place these two overlay icons, they will be changed to the default ones, which is a no-no!. So if I don't need/want these two overlays, I just create two fully transparent 22x22 png images and name them accordingly.
 Source: Ubuntu Mate Forums

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