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Intel ME Security Issue and how to fix it

Intel ME is a coprocessor integrated in all post-2006 Intel boards, for which this  Libreboot page  has an excellent description. The main component of Intel ME is Intel AMT, and I suggest you to read  this Wikipedia page  for more information about it. In short, Intel ME is an irremovable environment with an obscure signed proprietary firmware, with full network and memory access, which poses a serious security threat. Even when disabled from the BIOS settings, Intel ME is active: the only way to be sure it is disabled is to remove its firmware from the flash chip. Before Nehalem (ME version 6, 2008/2009) the ME firmware could be removed completely from the flash chip by setting a couple of bits inside the flash descriptor, without the need to reverse-engineer the ME firmware. Starting from Nehalem the Intel ME firmware can't be removed anymore: without a valid firmware the PC shuts off forcefully after 30 minutes. This project is an attempt to remove as much code as possible

How to stop Microsoft messing up your privacy in Windows 7.

     As I stated here for Windows 10, this one is for windows 7.      I did a lot of research and I don't remember all the sources (sorry, let me know in comments if you have some so I can put here).      There's a shitload of KBs, so I'll not link every single one, you can research yourself right? RIGHT?. I've checked every single KB and none of them have a direct impact to windows functionality (actually, it's just a bunch of hideous reporting mess).      Heres a script to make your life easier. You can run safely after doing a full update (reboot after running the script).