22 November 2016

There's no social media anymore

     Yeah, the title is just right, there's no social media anymore, now we have the monetizing everything, like my other post.
     No, it's not only this, now we can see that most consultants of the most social websites have issues to understand simple things AT ALL. Let's get straight, when you access a social media, you have your TIMELINE, its called timeline for a reason, its ordered by time the posts, so when you open your mobile app, you're supposed to be at the last post you stopped and continue reading until you reach the last one, right? RIGHT? No, they don't think in this straight line...
     Most social media sites now ordered by whatever comes to his minds. Facebook forces you most of time to read the "top stories" that use a random trollercoaster way to order the posts that makes no sense at all, but they think its good for you, specially if with lots of posts that you already read and missing a lot of other posts you missed it. So you choose to order the news feed (they call news feed a timeline filled with idiocity, crap and many other lies) by most recent, but still not the most recent, you'll miss a lot of posts anyway. And ads.. oh the facebook ads... some days you'll even have 1 ad per 2 posts. If you try to mark that ad isn't relevant to you, they'll show you even more random ads, and some even had malware. Congratulations.
     Twitter have his own dumb issues, for example, "you might like". For fucks sake, if I want something that "I might like", perhaps "I MIGHT SEARCH SOMETHING I WANT", and this will be offered to you in daily basis! At fist was something really related to your posts and posts you follow, now they offer ads in the middle of this crap. And it's not done yet, in hourly basis or if you close the damn tab for some time, they'll show you what happened "while you're away". FFS isn't a timeline? If I want to see what's happened while I was away, perhaps something is blocking me to scroll down? And about the ads, they have the same issues than facebook, offering even malware to you. 
     G+ was my prefered social media for everything, now Google Plus is messing in his own way too. There's no ads but theres no timeline anymore, everything is messed up like twitter and facebook. If you use a domain... well... you know that google doesn't want you to use your own domain right? Everytime you want to post or make a comment, G+ will warning you that you're posting outside your domain, and no, there's no switch to turn this crap off. Oh, if you use play store, you know that if you want to change your credit card, you have to mail a google admin to do that for you right? "Because it's dangerous, your admin can get your credit card", they'll even say the same crap if you even prove that YOU are the owner of the damn domain. Makes sense for you? Well.. it seems that makes sense for them.
     Now we see how the internet was just borked, monetizating everywhere (with people saying that you're immoral for blocking annoying ads and popup) and people with 0 knowledge making stuff happening. Yes, ZERO knowledge, who the fuck will say that is nice for you have a timeline based on /dev/random?