03 October 2016

The new age of webspam

     I've started using internet and related with BBS and the advent of www let me get a lot of stuff like tablatures and sheet for music, at start was quite ok to search this type of stuff without any harm. After some years, they discovered how to monetize and at this moment, there's no browser with anti-popup and tabs, so... the hell came to the internet, with his brothers: harmful ads, popups with trojans and a shitload of terrible staff. Well.. years passed, browsers had a way to make tabs, blocking annoying popups, etc.
    Now we are at 2016, and this time came back, and now is stronger than ever and theres a shitload of stupid dumb people that will defend this practice and even call you an "ignorant" or "immoral" because you choose ways to prevent this type of practice.
     As developer/curious/tester, I use to get apps or roms on xda and many other site to test things to sort out (specially with VR, there's a lot of indie stuff out there). Even some developers post games and software in reliable sites that you can test and even get some ideas, but now the problem: EVERYONE WANT TO MONETIZE EVERYTHING! Welcome to the internet whorehouse.
     So, lets make a scenario: I want to download a rom for a <put the name of cellphone here> to just having fun, testing or whatever reason. So you go to the thread, click on the link to download but WAIT, that's not the download yet. It'll open a link in ad.fly, that you make you wait 5 seconds while some dumb propaganda shows up and meanwhile you close a popup, then you click on continue, a new popup will open, so you choose to close the popup and go back to the site and guess what? There's another monetizing site, so you have to repeat all the steps I said above. If you're lucky, the FUCKER use only two monetizing sites, sometimes they use even 4 or 5 monetizing sites one inside the other. A good example of this is the free pdf/mobi sites (there's a bunch out there with reliable free documents, no warez at all), they'll do this to you, and they'll do bad.
    So the people choose to monetize this crap instead of getting a job? Really? I see this happening year after year and it's getting worse! There's a lot well known sites with well known audience and getting a well known shitload of money and even so, they'll block you if you're using an adblock. News sites are getting worse every time they discover a way to annoy you: I can't use even a RSS Feed anymore without blocking fucking html5, because the dumbfuck discovered that can send you A DAMN VIDEO inside the feed, so it'll play a random crap when you're reading. Who the hell is supposed to like something playing out loud when you're trying to read? So if you choose to go to the site instead of using the RSS Feeder, you're even more fucked than before, because you'll have a lot of propaganda and probably two videos playing at the same time. And of course, you're forced to love this type of practice or the site will not let you read the article, because fuck you.
     Remember idiocracy? Well then, this is your computer screen in some years.