31 August 2016

PS Vita Memory Card issue

Suddenly my 32Gb card on PS-Vita just messed up for some sort of reason.
If you're here, then I don't need to say that this solution will erase everything inside your Vita.


  • Card doesn't detect at all, even restoring the defaults
  • If you try to format inside the settings, it'll give you an error C2-12828-1 (AFAIK, it's a pretty much an old windows GPF, thanks for nothing, Sony).
  • Even reformating the entire device, doesn't fix it.


  1. Enter in SAFE MODE (turn off the device, press power+PS button+R Trigger for some seconds).
  2. Format Memory Card (it will restart the device).
  3. Enter in SAFE MODE again, Restore the PS Vita, it will restart again.
  4. Enter in SAFE MODE for the last time and rebuild the database.