27 July 2016

Git Repository (Updated)

I have a repository with some experiments and useful stuff (for the braves).

It's a collection of proprietary blobs that I use on some of my tests/ports. Useful if you own one of those devices and want to port some rom or try some obscure stuff with the related hardware.

Not populated (yet) because I'm lazy.

That's a collection of UEFI firmwares (or bios files, if you're stuck in the past), DSDT (fixed and original ones) and many other things related to UEFI platform.
I've organized the directories to have the original UEFI firmware and my updated one, to be easy to identify. The updated one's have the last upgrades and fixes available for the related hardware on the pertinent motherboards (since the manufacturers doesn't give a crap to update their hardware firmware properly and fix dreadful bugs).
It's well assembled and tested by me. Works for me (doesn't mean that will work for you, so if you make a gamma ray generator using one of my custom firmwares, you're at your own).

Have fun and as well, depending on my free time, I accept patches and/or requests.

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