22 September 2015

Tuning LG G-Pad 8.0 V490 to suck less

Now is the time for LG G-Pad 8.0 to have some love.

As my old post about Lenovo Yoga Tablet, you should have adb and drivers installed.

Since like most irresponsible manufaturers doesn't gives a shit to his customers, this tablet have the same problem as Lenovo Yoga: It's a wonderful device, not so old, and just forgotten. I didn't see any future updates nearby (I could be wrong, but not so wrong about Lenovo giving 4.4.2 as the last update, without even fixing the fucking stagefright bug, also, this tablet have 5.0.2.

1) Rooting the device

Yeah if want to make the things better here, you MUST HAVE root.

Same kingroot works, get this application (only for windows) here. It's quite simple to use, so don't worry.

You can root like any other device, there's a recovery available here

2) Recovery

You're out of luck if you're on lolipop. ATM there's only one recovery working and it's to kitkat. You will find more information on this thread.

As I said, there's a recovery available here.

3) (Optional) Removing kingsoft root

Now that you have a recovery, you can simple remove kingsoft and install SuperSU from here.

Just don't use kingroot. Is an option, but if you're able to not use it, just don't.

4) Tuning Build.prop

I'm still testing it, stay tuned.

Obs.: Don't forget to subscribe to this thread on xida, there's a loot of useful information here.

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