06 October 2014

Macbook Air 11" 2013 - The definitive guide for migration to Arch Linux - Volume 3

Now we go further down to tune up, to make things works better than the default configuration.

1) powerdown-git (AUR), laptop-mode-tools (AUR) and upower (OFFICIAL).
This will increase a lot your batttery. Install, and then, edit your .xinitrc:

xset +dpms
xset dpms 0 0 300
upower -e

2) lightum-git (AUR)

This will helps with the light sensor

3) mba6x_bl-dkms (AUR)

Without this one, the brightness of your mba will not work correctly after waking up. I wasn't able to install him correctly using aurman, so I did a manual install and then adding it on mkinitcpio.conf

4) acpid (OFFICIAL)

Double-check if you have acpid up and running, this can cause some trouble after suspending and waking up some times.


This post isn't complete yet, but I let the incomplete version for further reference and, of course, the credits of what I've used to make this manual.

Arch Wiki
Dedicated thread to Macbook Air 2013

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