27 August 2013

VPN L2TP without IPsec: how to share the love beyond the OS limits

Well.. I know that this will be possible using OpenVPN but... I need to deal with users, and you know how limited users are.. Also, PPTP is compromised since some time ago, and the options are turning dark.
But I needed a VPN solution, and fast. At least temporary so I can think about in something else later. So I choose L2TP since is easily to configure in windows and.. you know how "clever" windows users use to be.. :D

Well. after the configuration in my work's pfsense and testing in my windows vm, I need to test on a Mac OS X cause some people in my work have Macbooks.. so I discovered that MacOS (ATM) only accepts out-of-the-box Cisco IPsec, PPTP and L2TP+IPSEC. Apple please...

Well, nothing is lost, just open Terminal.app and do this:

echo "plugin L2TP.ppp" > options
echo "l2tpnoipsec" >> options
sudo mv options /etc/ppp

And voilá, now your mac can connect to a goddamit L2TP without IPsec.

Obs: I don't know how much I can trust in L2TP but...

Source: Pandapow


  1. For the retarded people with retarded (and annoymous) comments: It's a solution for something that DOESN'T WORK. If you have a better solution, feel free to make constructive comments. If you don't have the maturity for a constructive comment, don't waste your time making retarded 12yo comments, I'll not post it.

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  3. L2TP with IPsec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IP Security) and OpenVPN protocol are offered by many VPN Service providers. Both protocols use 256-bit encryption.

    1. Not in 2013, the time of this post. Even so, the post was about the problems (also noted in the post).

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