06 June 2012

CyanogenMod 9.0 Nightly and AOKP for GT-7200

I know GT-7200 comes already with ICS, but with my long experience seeing manufacturers bloating the stock rom with unwanted and sometimes system applications you can't install (in fact, you can, but sometimes they're attached to some framework and if you uninstall, you can mess up everything), I search for a custom rom for this tablet.

Updated 2012/06/28 - This procedure now is AOKP Compatible too.

Read this first:

Disregard stupid people saying stupid things without the minimum necessary knowledge to judge, I'll put here some pro and cons to use cm9 instead the stock one:

* REAL GOOGLE APPS EXPERIENCE. Because Genesis just cut off part of google apps without any reason (faceunlock and gtalk are good examples). I've tried to figure out how made it work with stock one, without a minimium success. And yes, even video chat in native google talk works. And no, I don't want to use any 3rd party applications, since I only use gtalk and the google one is a very good piece of software compared to the other solutions (memory use, etc).
* Better framework. If genesis was able to provide the DAMN GPLed OPEN SOURCE KERNEL, I would be able to tune up, help fixing bugs or even more, but no, Genesis doesn't even answer the customers by mail when you ask for it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the license of the linux kernel.
* Specific tunings by Cyanogen. And I'm not talking about "overclocking" ANYTHING. You can tune a little, for example, the native governor installed doesn't have a decent scalation, so when you turn off your screen, you still wasting your battery. I have almost 2h more using CM9 than STOCK, if I had the kernel sources of this device, I'll be able to port smartassV2 governor, so will be another story, another performance and another battery life. But as I said before, Genesis doesn't give a fuck to licenses and doesn't even give a fuck to his customers (I've sended 10 mails, a friend of mine have sended 8, none has been answered), and the worse? Doesn't give a fuck to android community AT ALL, he just get the software, put in his devices and you must deal with this. Don't you believe, right? So wait for 4.1 for your device. Coby does exactly the same with his customers.
* Some graphic tunings, because AFAIK Genesis doesn't know his device is 3D capable, cause most of 3D features of this gpu was disabled by default in stock rom. The last stock last update turned on the 3D, thats funny, its the only real update.
* The original ROM is against ALL TYPES of standards. For example: Busybox, AOSP, etc.

Maybe you'll be off the official support using this, but you can always turn back using your backup or flashing back a stock rom, so, isn't a con at all.

Btw, you don't need to use if you don't want it, so just stop speaking bullshit when you don't have the little knowledge to know what the fuck you're talking about.


* You need A10 CWM Recovery (you use that little button for stock recovery to navigate in options and power button to choose one, and remember to nandroid backup)


* Boot to CWM recovery (there's many ways to do that, google is your friend)
* Wipe everything
* Install the main cm9 nightlies or AOKP (If you have some problems with the last build, get the 20120607 from here).
* Install Gapps
* Install my patch (updated with lots of fixed 2012/06/28)
* Reboot

Update: If you have some problems and need help, please provide a logcat (it's impossible to understand what is happening without a logcat).