26 September 2011

MenelkirCM7 for Nexus One

Custom CyanogenMOD for Nexus One.

What we have?
Juwe11's memory optimization script
* Updated base apps
* S2E for an easily apps2ext management
* Updated IntersectRaven kernel
* SmartassV2 Default Governor
* Custom Boot Animation (I dont know the author, post me a comment if you know)
* Latest CyanogenMod 7 Nightly build (build 202)

All updates goes to this folder:


Also, this ROM are available at ROM Manager


  1. hi just wondering if you are putting these together anymore?

    wanted to try one out but didn't want to downgrade from a higher version of CM nightlies :)

  2. I update from time to time (because I dont have to much time to update them). BTW, you can check on ROM Manager, Im always put what nightly he's based.