25 August 2011

Menelkir Sense 1.3 for Nexus One

This is my first attempt to make a perfect Sense 1.8 for daily use. It's primary based on
eViL NXSense HD v.1.1_BETA (Official Desire HD Port) from eViL D:
Since this is my first release, there's nothing much significant (yet), only some cleaning, tweaks and updates.

SPECS (from eViL NXSense HD v1.1 BETA):
Desire HD build 1.15.405.1, 1.24.405.1, 1.28.405.1, 1.32.405.3, 1.32.405.6, 1.72.405.3
Quick boot from hibernation & built in reboot from power menu
Flip Clock
Blocked Callers
New Car Panel
BT & FM radio
HTC Hub & Likes
Updated Google apps
HTC Skins
HTC E-reader
HTC Power & DATA Control widget
Unified Mailbox.