21 June 2011

ADB Shell using PuTTy

Every time I need to use a windows machine to fix something in my android experiments, its a frustrating experience, specially when you need to work with shells more sofisticated like the HTC ones. Everything is messy using command prompt or any other shell (csh from subsystem for unix applications, etc).

After lurking XDA, I find this post about using PuTTy as ADB Shell, its perfect.

07 June 2011

EXT4 Optimization for daily use

Since all major distros use the default options for ext4, I learn some safe tricks:

/dev/sda3  /               ext4    noatime,commit=100,nouser_xattr,errors=remount-ro 0 1

noatime   -   Deactivates the file access time modification. It will write the access time only on write, not in any modification. If you don't need it and/or don't use it, you can disable it.

commit=100   -   Increases the write interval between data and meta-data (the regular sync operation). Just keep in mind that if you doesn't have a power supply, this can be dangerous. If you're unsure, just skip this option.

nouser_xattr   -   No user extendend attributes, it safe to disable this (if you don't use it).

errors=remount-ro   -   For safety reasons, make the partition remount RO if something wrong occurs.