16 February 2011

Howto use an OpenVPN connection using Android 2.2/2.3

I'll guess you have a vpn server fully functional and some certifications and a ROM with OpenVPN integrated (like CyanogenMOD).

First, get your certs and lets generate a PKCS12:

openssl pkcs12 -export -in [ClientCert] -inkey [Key] -certfile [CAcert] -name [RandomName] -out [certname.pl2]

He asks to make a password and will generate a file certname.pl2 (or whatever you choose), copy this file to the root of your SDCard.

Go to Settings -> Location and Security -> Credential Storage to install your PKCS12 file into Android System. Put your password, set a friendly name and set a new password for your Internal Android Certificates.

Go to Wireless & Networks -> VPN Settings -> Add VPN -> Add OpenVPN VPN and configure your VPN options like name, ip and choose the certifications.

You're good to go. :)

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