26 September 2011

MenelkirMIUI for Nexus One

Custom MIUI for Nexus One.

What we have?
* SmartassV2 Default Governor
* Custom Boot Animation (I dont know the author, post me a comment if you know)
* Latest MIUI.us build (1.9.23)

All updates goes to this folder:

Also, this ROM are available at ROM Manager

MenelkirCM7 for Nexus One

Custom CyanogenMOD for Nexus One.

What we have?
Juwe11's memory optimization script
* Updated base apps
* S2E for an easily apps2ext management
* Updated IntersectRaven kernel
* SmartassV2 Default Governor
* Custom Boot Animation (I dont know the author, post me a comment if you know)
* Latest CyanogenMod 7 Nightly build (build 202)

All updates goes to this folder:


Also, this ROM are available at ROM Manager

25 August 2011

Menelkir Sense 1.3 for Nexus One

This is my first attempt to make a perfect Sense 1.8 for daily use. It's primary based on
eViL NXSense HD v.1.1_BETA (Official Desire HD Port) from eViL D:
Since this is my first release, there's nothing much significant (yet), only some cleaning, tweaks and updates.

SPECS (from eViL NXSense HD v1.1 BETA):
Desire HD build 1.15.405.1, 1.24.405.1, 1.28.405.1, 1.32.405.3, 1.32.405.6, 1.72.405.3
Quick boot from hibernation & built in reboot from power menu
Flip Clock
Blocked Callers
New Car Panel
BT & FM radio
HTC Hub & Likes
Updated Google apps
HTC Skins
HTC E-reader
HTC Power & DATA Control widget
Unified Mailbox.

19 July 2011

Must have android applications

Yeah I know that thousand of sites and people already write one of this lists. So why Im writing this? Because I see thousand of pages talking about thousand of apps not so necessary, so I made my own. Let's go

21 June 2011

ADB Shell using PuTTy

Every time I need to use a windows machine to fix something in my android experiments, its a frustrating experience, specially when you need to work with shells more sofisticated like the HTC ones. Everything is messy using command prompt or any other shell (csh from subsystem for unix applications, etc).

After lurking XDA, I find this post about using PuTTy as ADB Shell, its perfect.

07 June 2011

EXT4 Optimization for daily use

Since all major distros use the default options for ext4, I learn some safe tricks:

/dev/sda3  /               ext4    noatime,commit=100,nouser_xattr,errors=remount-ro 0 1

noatime   -   Deactivates the file access time modification. It will write the access time only on write, not in any modification. If you don't need it and/or don't use it, you can disable it.

commit=100   -   Increases the write interval between data and meta-data (the regular sync operation). Just keep in mind that if you doesn't have a power supply, this can be dangerous. If you're unsure, just skip this option.

nouser_xattr   -   No user extendend attributes, it safe to disable this (if you don't use it).

errors=remount-ro   -   For safety reasons, make the partition remount RO if something wrong occurs.

31 May 2011

Intel ICH7 HDA Audio Controller (VIA4397)

It's known that HDA-Audio based codecs are the worst audio problems in Linux World since Soundblaster native driver (back to 1996, I've suffered a lot to configure this little bastard).

After trying a lot of configurations and even trying use OSS4 (worst than OSS native kernel driver, don't use it unless you really need it), the solution is weirdo and simple.

If you have a VIA based codec card like this one:

[email protected]:~$ cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 | grep Codec
Codec: VIA ID 4397

You have two ways of solution.

1) Using generic model
New alsa-drivers have a lot of fixes to Intel-HDA codecs, not all are working perfect (but better solutions will come with time). If you have a brand new and updated distribution (until today 30/Aug/2011), you need to specify the model of your board in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, in this case, generic:

# Intel-HDA module options
options snd-hda-intel probe_mask=1 model=generic

2) Simple, last stand: Blacklisting

If the first method doesn't work or you're using an old alsa drivers, you MUST blacklist the via codec. Ssounds strange, but it works. Add this line in your /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf (or whatever place that your distro hide this configuration):

# Disable VIA Codec
blacklist snd_hda_codec_via

Reboot, and everything will works.

(Updated the post because alsa fixed this old bug, and I want this information to be accurate).

06 March 2011

Motorola Milestone Boot Chain

xvilka @ #milestone-modding ask to someone making a graphic of Motorola Milestone's boot process, so I get into the work. With his help about the necessary steps, I make this diagram.

The red ones is what is locked inside the phone.

16 February 2011

Howto use an OpenVPN connection using Android 2.2/2.3

I'll guess you have a vpn server fully functional and some certifications and a ROM with OpenVPN integrated (like CyanogenMOD).

First, get your certs and lets generate a PKCS12:

openssl pkcs12 -export -in [ClientCert] -inkey [Key] -certfile [CAcert] -name [RandomName] -out [certname.pl2]

He asks to make a password and will generate a file certname.pl2 (or whatever you choose), copy this file to the root of your SDCard.

Go to Settings -> Location and Security -> Credential Storage to install your PKCS12 file into Android System. Put your password, set a friendly name and set a new password for your Internal Android Certificates.

Go to Wireless & Networks -> VPN Settings -> Add VPN -> Add OpenVPN VPN and configure your VPN options like name, ip and choose the certifications.

You're good to go. :)

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