10 September 2010

Menelkir LocalBR for Dingux 0.13

  Removed: Menelkir Dingux Kernel
  Removed: TV-OUT Controls for Menelkir Dingux Kernel
  Added: SiENcE kernel (included kernel for A330)
  Updated: nuPDF 0.3
  Updated: gmu 0.7.1
  Updated: snes9x 20100828
  Updated: Opentyrian
  Added: Abuse 0.1
  Added: GnuBoy4D 1.2
  Added: Cooldown
  Added: Exult svn6317
  Added: Faraway beta
  Added: Freenger 0.9
  Added: OpenJazz R1
  Added: Profanation DeLuxe
  Added: Quake R2 20100906
  Added: Vorton Beta2

Download: Menelkir LocalBR for Dingux 0.13

Auto connect/identify with irssi

This is very very VERY annoying, specially if you let your irc client open in your home and go to somewhere else.

First of all, connect in your favorite network, I'll use freenode as an example. And then, use the following commands:

/server add -auto -network freenode irc.freenode.net 6667
/network add -autosendcmd "/^msg Nickserv idenify ;wait 2000"

Now you can add your favorite channels after the identify procedure:

/channel add -auto #somechannel freenode