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I've messed up some confs in my last local, so here is the fix. 1) Delete /local/gmenu2x/sections/applications/tvout* 2) Copy the contents of this files to /local/gmenu2x/sections/settings/ 3) Done TV OUT FIX

Menelkir LocalBR for Dingux 0.12

Added: nupdf Updated: d1x-rebirth #2 Added: d2x-rebirth #1 Added: MDF Preview Added: Midpath 0.3 Updated: Snes9x4D 20100429 Added: OldPlay 1.12 Added: DosBox Alpha (with DOS Navigator from Added: Menelkir Dingux Kernel 0.4 (for testing) Updated: Openmsx 0.8.0 Added: TV-OUT Controls (ONLY WORKS WITH MENELKIR DINGUX KERNEL) Download:  Menelkir LocalBR for Dingux 0.12