18 May 2010


In this week I'm giving a try to Exherbo (You can discover what is looking to the webpage).

Why I gave up with gentoo:

  1. I'm using Gentoo since 2001 and Funtoo since 2007. Funtoo is very well maintained and better than gentoo (if compared with the main gentoo portage tree), but isn't to me anymore. It's not even updated well than expected. For a little server (like my home server), Gentoo/Funtoo is a good one. For my desktop, it's other story.
  2. The Gentoo Consil is a bad joke IMHO, but I'll not talk about this.
  3. Portage is turning into a snowball, even more code added, more things are messed up. 

Why Exherbo:
  1. Just read the documentation and you'll see with your own eyes.
  2. The main tree is easily to interact and good to fix things.
  3. The community is exactly what I want: People trying to make the things work and not all this people just complaining why something doesn't work without trying to fix by himself.
  4. MUCH BETTER build control method than Gentoo.
  5. The "options" systems are MUCH MORE IMPROOVED than USEFLAGS from Gentoo
At this point, I'm building a system with exherbo with everything I need in my Personal Notebook, if everything goes ok, I'll post here. 
And the next move, maybe'll be my home server.

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