26 December 2009

Menelkir local 0.8 for Dingux


Update: dmenu 0.6 compiled to elta (Ezequiel)
Update: New functions for dmenu/elta from team2ch-basic-pack-v0.13-xmas-elta20091208 (Ezequiel / Menelkir)
Update: Shrink some icons file names (because this buggy FAT system)

Menelkir local 0.8

23 December 2009

Menelkir local 0.7 for Dingux


Update: OpenBOR 0.2
Added: OpenTyrian (Requested by DingooBR Forums)
Added: GNU-Chess (Requested by DingooBR Forums)
Added: Reminiscence (Requested by DingooBR Forums)
Added: Ur-Quan Masters (Requested by DingooBR Forums)

Menelkir local 0.7

21 December 2009

Menelkir local 0.6 for Dingux


Added: TI-99 Emulator
Fixed: I forgot to add the zImage for other systems
Added: Java (by Ezequiel)
Added: New Theme: Gnome (by Ezequiel)
Added: Changelog in PT_BR

Menelkir local 0.6

20 December 2009

Menelkir local 0.5 for Dingux

It'a *VERY* beta version, maybe will crash, maybe not.

There's lots of features, a new theme (still beta, I need to fix images and so on), Elta rootfs, etc.

Obviously, no roms or copyrighted bios.


Mirror: http://www.4shared.com/file/177693071/fd460b17/Menelkir_local_05.html