27 August 2009

AIX Instalation pre-req (5.3 and 6.1)

Just some pre-req that I do in my AIX installations (I use some necessary Oracle reqs, just in case):
Ok.. just a warning, use at your own risk (all tunings are oracle and ibm based, so I'm not responsible if you mess the things up). After that, ask your customer for some different tunings, if needed.

1) Verifications

* Gather all necessary information, such network configuration and partition configuration (if any specified) to accelerate the process.
* Verify connections, cables, plug everything and take a look if display some error codes.
* Verify if will be necessary some activation after the start-up process.

2) Install options
  1. ON Trusted Computing Base
  2. OFF CAPP e EAL4+ Technology
  3. ON 64-bit Kernel
  4. ON JFS2 File Systems
  5. ON Graphics Software
  6. OFF System backups to install in any device.

3) Packages
* Bundles: Server, App-Dev and Perfstat
* Extras: Openssh server and client
* Extra-packages:  bos.adt.base, bos.adt.lib, bos.adt.libm, bos.cifs_fs.rte, bos.perf.libperfstat, bos.perf.perfstat, bos.perf.proctools

4) Filesystem options
* Mirror rootvg: # bosboot -B hdisk1
# extendvg rootvg hdisk1
# mirrorvg -m rootvg hdisk1
# bosboot -a
# bootlist -m normal hdisk0 hdisk1

* Resize all filesystems like table below

/ 1Gb
/usr 2Gb
/var 1Gb
/tmp 1Gb
/home 500Mb
swap 12Gb

5) OS Parameters

min=10 and max=30



* Change limits for default users file = -1
cpu = -1
data = -1
stack = -1
nofile = 65536
data = 256k
stack = 256k
memory = 256k

* Change the limit for usernames chdev −l sys0 −a max_logname=18
* Set ISNO for network cards no -b -o use_isno=1

* Large Page size vmo -r -o lgpg_regions=256 -o lgpg_size=16777216
vmo -r -o lru_file_repage=0

* Maxuproc chdev -lsys0 -a maxuproc='4096'

* Jumbo frames
smit chgenet

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  1. yoshan7.3.10

    Can you tel me how can I run rootpre.sh in AIX 6.1 TCB?