27 August 2009

AIX Instalation pre-req (5.3 and 6.1)

Just some pre-req that I do in my AIX installations (I use some necessary Oracle reqs, just in case):
Ok.. just a warning, use at your own risk (all tunings are oracle and ibm based, so I'm not responsible if you mess the things up). After that, ask your customer for some different tunings, if needed.

Partitions requisites for IVM

The LUN reserve_policy must be set to “no_reserve” on the hdisks (on both JS22s) before the logical partition is created. Open a virtual terminal for the VIOS Partition (Partition 1) from the IVM GUI and type the following:

chdev –dev hdisk# -attr reserve_policy=no_reserve

To verify this attribute has been changed type the following:

lsattr –dev hdisk# -attr