09 April 2008

Installing Microsoft Office 2007 using wine

Yes.. I know theres a lot of office suites out there for linux.. the problem is: In my actual work, I *MUST* use the dammit OOXML for docs, spreadsheets, presentations and Visio for stuff. I personaly hate Office2007 but.. I just need it...
  • Download and install crossover-game trial at codeweavers (yes, crossover games)
  • Install the last wine available (Ubuntu 8.04 have a good one, gentoo ~x86 too)
  • Download and install winetricks at http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
  • Now, go to console and type winecfg to create your first wine configuration.
  • From winetricks, install this packages: dotnet11, dotnet20, gdiplus, msxml3, msxml4, msxml6, vcrun2005sp1 and vcrun2008.
  • Now, go to /home/<youruser>/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 and rename rpcrt4.dll to something like rpcrt4.dll.bak
  • Copy /opt/cxgames/lib/wine/rpcrt4.dll.so to /home/<youruser>/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/rpcrt4.dll (yes, without the .so).
  • Mount office cd with -o unhide option (I don't know why, but if you automount, the cd will miss some files).
  • Go to directory of cdrom and type wine setup.exe
  • Now you can uninstall crossover trial, remove the rpcrt4.dll used and put the old one in this place (now office 2007 will work with the old one).

Update 1: It's a good one to install riched20 and riched30 to have a better look on fonts.
Update 2: 4j4x translate this post to indonesian, check here
Update 3: MS Project and MS Outlook doesn't work (project claims to not being installed to current user, I think this is just a registry problem).
Update 4: MS Visio and Office updates works as well.
Update 5: Alain reports the .Net 1.1 asks for ie5 (this doesn't occurs with me), but without the .net 1.1 the installation works.
Update 6: I don't know why but Powerpoint doesn't work to everyone.
Update 7: Portuguese version here

Thanks for all testing and reporting.