09 February 2008

Simple Backup for your home

Hi all

In the last days I think to make some simple script to make my backups (I have a TSM server in my company, but I'm not there all the time). So I create some simple stuff to make backups when I'm not on home or in my desk (Just simpel tars + rar + pass, without crypt, to send via net to my job or to some gmail fs-space-a-like).

My stupid script:

# Syntax:
# backup <directory name> <password of rar file>

name=backup-`date +%Y%m%d`
echo $name

cd /home/
tar cvpf $name.tar $1
rar a -vt -p$2 $name.rar $name.tar

Gmail Space

Since my home backup is something like 200Mb, Im able to send my backup to some webspace, such as gmail. There's a lot of gmailfs plugins/modules/software out there. Actually Im using via browser (cause Im able to use via proxy).


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