30 July 2008

Howto install FreeBSD under ZFS (including root) (Part 2)

I think you know what you doing. If you mess your system up, it's your own problem. You've been warned.

Howto install FreeBSD under ZFS (including root) (Part 1)

This is my first post talking about BSD systems, so, I will talk about my first (bleeding edge) experience making tests on freebsd (FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT).

Update: I forgot the credits, I take this from ZFS FAQ, just to dont write everything again and only to exemplify, thanks Jerry Cornell).s

25 July 2008

The leak of knowledge of IT Professionals

I see a problem in this week, maybe a lot people just see this.

There's a person in my company that goes fired because be supposed to "look a lot of pages than doing his job". Since Im not the Internal Support responsible, and I see that this guy just do your work in the right way.. I just try to help and see this situation.

Well.. this guy uses an RSS Reader, and as I can see a lot of times, he read his reader something like 1h/day.. What the problem? Since the RSS Reader get the feeds from a lot of times (even when you are idle) and from a lot of sites, the Internal Support says that this guy doesn't do your job, but its wrong.. And to see this, you need only to see the squid logs. RSS! Just filter the word RSS...

In other hand, there's a lot of other people in the same company that waste the almost entire time browsing www.terra.com.br and www.uol.com.br. Why this people aren't fired? Because are browsing only one site.

Do you know what is this? This is a bad IT professional, that doesn't know even a silly technology called RSS Feed. Try to imagine someone browsing more than 20 or 30 or 40 sites at the same time. Strange? Just use the common sense... Common sense?! This IT Professionals doesn't have this.

Sad to see this type of professionals now-a-days.

This is the result of a lot of companies getting professionals just because have a Degree, instead of read the entire Resume to find someone really useful.

26 May 2008

Unmasking Gnome 2.22 and more…

For those (like me) that are tired of 2.20 and don't want to install autounmask for any random reason, here's the list of packages:

25 May 2008

(easy) LVM on Gentoo

LVM (Logical Volume Manager) is a great piece of software which allow you to deal with Logical Volumes. Using LVM, you are able to extend/reduce your filesystems which is pretty handy when you need more space.

Let's get the easy way to do that.

22 May 2008

LVM on Ubuntu Hardy Heron

What is LVM?

LVM (Logical Volume Manager) is a great piece of software which allow you to deal with Logical Volumes. Using LVM, you are able to extend/reduce your filesystems which is pretty handy when you need more space.

A lot of distributions support out of the box in installer. Unfortunately, Hardy Heron doesn't offer this on the Desktop Install CD.

09 April 2008

Installing Microsoft Office 2007 using wine

Yes.. I know theres a lot of office suites out there for linux.. the problem is: In my actual work, I *MUST* use the dammit OOXML for docs, spreadsheets, presentations and Visio for stuff. I personaly hate Office2007 but.. I just need it...
  • Download and install crossover-game trial at codeweavers (yes, crossover games)
  • Install the last wine available (Ubuntu 8.04 have a good one, gentoo ~x86 too)
  • Download and install winetricks at http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
  • Now, go to console and type winecfg to create your first wine configuration.
  • From winetricks, install this packages: dotnet11, dotnet20, gdiplus, msxml3, msxml4, msxml6, vcrun2005sp1 and vcrun2008.
  • Now, go to /home/<youruser>/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 and rename rpcrt4.dll to something like rpcrt4.dll.bak
  • Copy /opt/cxgames/lib/wine/rpcrt4.dll.so to /home/<youruser>/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/rpcrt4.dll (yes, without the .so).
  • Mount office cd with -o unhide option (I don't know why, but if you automount, the cd will miss some files).
  • Go to directory of cdrom and type wine setup.exe
  • Now you can uninstall crossover trial, remove the rpcrt4.dll used and put the old one in this place (now office 2007 will work with the old one).

Update 1: It's a good one to install riched20 and riched30 to have a better look on fonts.
Update 2: 4j4x translate this post to indonesian, check here
Update 3: MS Project and MS Outlook doesn't work (project claims to not being installed to current user, I think this is just a registry problem).
Update 4: MS Visio and Office updates works as well.
Update 5: Alain reports the .Net 1.1 asks for ie5 (this doesn't occurs with me), but without the .net 1.1 the installation works.
Update 6: I don't know why but Powerpoint doesn't work to everyone.
Update 7: Portuguese version here

Thanks for all testing and reporting.

20 February 2008

Basic (Useful) TSM Commands

Sometimes I need to analyse *something* in TSM (I'm very noob with TSM) and I never remember any commands

09 February 2008

Simple Backup for your home

Hi all

In the last days I think to make some simple script to make my backups (I have a TSM server in my company, but I'm not there all the time). So I create some simple stuff to make backups when I'm not on home or in my desk (Just simpel tars + rar + pass, without crypt, to send via net to my job or to some gmail fs-space-a-like).