01 December 2007

Office 2007 documents

Since my job are freak about using office 2007 docs (and Im freak about not using windows), I just trying to find some way to do this inside linux.

I notice that Office 2007 are unable to finish the install in wine, so, my first try is installing Office 2003 under wine. All is fine, but when I try using the the patch to make office 2003 open 2007 files, I see that this doesn't work at all (when the installs finish, Im unable to open emulated office again, or, the bad of them, the patch doesn't work at all).

VirtualBox also isn't an option, WindowsXP + Office 2007 eats something like 10-20Gb, since my T43 have only 40Gb of hard disk.. and things come VERY slow.. Im able to install and work in some way, but unable to work fine...

Someone there knows something to help me? I think Im stucked in a bad way...

Obs.: Just to say, openoffice isn't an option. Just try to make some "advanced formating in Office 2003", open in openoffice, try to modify something, and try to open in 2003 again. Yuk!!

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