30 August 2007

Microsoft announces "less-annoying" Vista OS early next year

Acording to The Register and Windows Vista Team Blog Site, Microsoft will release SP1 for Windows Vista with "a lot of improvements in security and performance.

<ironic mode>Maybe the SP1 will format your actual vista installation, migrate all data and install a new and clean realease of a linux distribution called "Linux Vista", to obtain better performance. IMHO, is the only way to get more perfomance using this load of crap.</ironic mode>

22 August 2007

AIX Diagnostics

I have a personal diagnostic list to exactly make a QA (Quality Assurance) or to do a detailed diagnostic. Its very useful if you have a lot of machines to see. Here we go (its nice if you can make a script and use it, I have one, of course)

Reboot checklist

It's good to check some things after reboot an AIX system, lets see:

07 August 2007


After read some news about (I can't remember where) commodore selling some mp3 devices, I make a search in google and surprise (for me, at last).


Commodore is actually an active company, building "game pcs", skin change capable (of course, theres an Vintage C64 section on this site).