23 October 2018

The non-elegant tray icons

    For whatever development reasons, some applications refuse to change the tray icons to reflect the theme you're using. For example, you want a nice dark/bright/whatever theme, and the icon in tray sit there, as the default one, breaking everything you want in your desktop. Yeah I know this feel.
    After some researching, I've made this guide and I'll improve over the time with more tips about this.

Obs.: You can also use this.

14 September 2018

Password feedback for sudo

To make sudo show asterisks when you type a password, add this to your Defaults specification:

Defaults pwfeedback

11 September 2018

Make syslog-ng at /dev/tty12 colorful

To make syslog-ng at your /dev/tty12 (or whatever tty you use for your logs, and it works to whatever kind of log from syslog-ng afaik), install ccze and use this line in your /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf:

destination console_all { program("ccze -r >> /dev/tty12"); };

03 July 2018

Weather via command line

I don't remember where I got this info, but visit the site for more info.

As the title say, you can view a weather forecast via command-line interface with this (white spaces should be changed to _ as usual):

curl wttr.in/<your city>

I've created an stupid script to make things more.. uh.. fancy.
It's available here

04 June 2018

About Microsoft acquiring github

That's right, you can read about here.

I was on the verge to migrate my repos to gitlab, now I have another good reason to do it. My new git repo is available here.

25 January 2018

Using Logical Volumes as disk images for virtualization

      In most scenarios, using raw devices can increase the performance. Of course, the application should know how to deal with that. Why? Because you take away the overhead that the file system can cause (again, if the application know how to deal with that).
     I see in my entire life databases having more performance because are using raw devices (disregard what the dumb people says in tongues without any proof).

What I've tested

Linux and FreeBSD Virtual machines have a significant increase of I/O performance.

What I didn't tested

Windows VMs (well windows do a shitload of I/O, probably it's a good idea if you're into this crap)
BSD VMs (not yet)
Resizing (I don't know if it's possible, I'll test later and update this post)

05 January 2018

Privacy repository

I've created a repo on github to pull together all the privacy stuff and how to fix it (disregard the operating system). 
So don't do anything stupid, read the scripts before executing, specially because we're talking about windows and one of them are about flashing your bios (IntelME). I'm not responsible if your house goes in orbit because you did something wrong without read first.