10 July 2012

Another dumb company

As other companies (not only in Brazil, but in several countries), SMTek seems to not respect GPL. When I ask to Evertek about the kernel source, they said "We do not give this type of information".

Congratulations to all shitty companies that disrespect laws and licenses. Companies of this type (directed by children) must learn a lesson or two, and for fucks sake, disappear from market to dust.

And congratulations to all brazilians that makes this possible, to give your thumbs up for companies like this (isnt the first time I see brazilians giving support for this type of trash). Also, who cares? Since it's simple to read the big difference between brazillians that doesn't even care to read a shit and xda-developers.com for example?

Edit: Now I'm a proud owner of Galaxy Tab 2 7", and with him i'm able to even make my own kernel. That's all