22 March 2007

Ebuilds for Proprietary Stuff

Well, I'm actually work with a lot of proprietary and binary packages, such as Tivoli Storage Manager, FastT Storage Manager, Adaptec ServerRaid, DB/2 and the list goes on.

Everyone knows that the great number of this packages come in a rpm version for RedHat.. and installing this type of packages in gentoo its a really pain in the ass.

Im about to create a repository with some ebuilds maded by me with this support. As I say... install a pure rpm of comercial software from rh or suse in gentoo sometimes get serious errors, and I don't want to make a lot of fixes all the time I need to install an application in servers using gentoo (actually I have diferent flavours to administrate).

It's an idea, I really want to go ahead with this, and of course, I'm open for suggestions, colaborations and help.  I don't have a the same knowledge with other applications install than IBM stuff, but will be great to have an option to install proprietary stuff like TSM and RaidManager in gentoo.


  1. I have been running TSM off and on as a client app to backup one of my Gentoo servers and it always gives this message:

    05/02/07 18:33:21 ANS9178E dsmc cannot open file /dev/fsm due to the following error: Operation not supported.

    I was wondering if you knew what to do about that because it's pretty bothersome

  2. sathish11.10.07

    I need to install tsm client in gentoo.I have the rpm format but gentoo supports ebuild.i need it to be installed.Will you guide me how to install the rpm in gentoo.

  3. Gentoo have rpm support. You just need to install rpm and do the steps (somewhere in my blog).