31 August 2016

PS Vita Memory Card issue

Suddenly my 32Gb card on PS-Vita just messed up for some sort of reason.
If you're here, then I don't need to say that this solution will erase everything inside your Vita.


  • Card doesn't detect at all, even restoring the defaults
  • If you try to format inside the settings, it'll give you an error C2-12828-1 (AFAIK, it's a pretty much an old windows GPF, thanks for nothing, Sony).
  • Even reformating the entire device, doesn't fix it.


  1. Enter in SAFE MODE (turn off the device, press power+PS button+R Trigger for some seconds).
  2. Format Memory Card (it will restart the device).
  3. Enter in SAFE MODE again, Restore the PS Vita, it will restart again.
  4. Enter in SAFE MODE for the last time and rebuild the database.

27 July 2016

GitHub Repository

I have a repository with some experiments and useful stuff (for the braves).


It's a collection of proprietary blobs that I use on some of my tests/ports. Useful if you own one of those devices and want to port some rom or try some obscure stuff with the related hardware.

Not populated (yet) because I'm lazy.

That's a collection of UEFI firmwares (or bios files, if you're stuck in the past), DSDT (fixed and original ones) and many other things related to UEFI platform.
I've organized the directories to have the original UEFI firmware and my updated one, to be easy to identify. The updated one's have the last upgrades and fixes available for the related hardware on the pertinent motherboards (since the manufacturers doesn't give a crap to update their hardware firmware properly and fix dreadful bugs).
It's well assembled and tested by me. Works for me (doesn't mean that will work for you, so if you make a gamma ray generator using one of my custom firmwares, you're at your own).

Have fun and as well, depending on my free time, I accept patches and/or requests.

Proprietary ATI/NVIDIA + UEFI = Personal Nightmare, thanks to ATI/NVIDIA

Nah, don't come saying "omg just use bios!". UEFI is light-years better than bios with a lot of reasons (I will not enter in this details here, you can search yourself).
This isn't a real howto, is more like a safeboat.

The Problem:

Everybody knows the problems of proprietary drivers in linux, and everybody knows how sweet those companies are about that. They think someone will stole a chip idea just looking to the fucking source code of a fucking driver (well, I don't see any other reason to be less stupid than that). Well, isn't only the fact that those closed-source drivers have compatibility issues, they're broken, incomplete and incompatible MOST of time.

For example, why the binary drivers doesn't work with a lot of type of configurations? Because "fuck you" - ATI/NVIDIA says. Why the binary drivers doesn't work with EFI framebuffer, since is something that just cames from the firmware? Because "fuck you" - ATI/NVIDIA says. Really? Incompatible with EFIFB? So huge companies like ATI and NVIDIA aren't capable to make a fucking less-retarded driver that works with the goddamit EFIFB that is so common than textmode?

The Solution:

Eh.. there's no solution...Well.. sort of...

1) Making two different kernels

This is the most secure and easy way.

Make the first kernel without any framebuffer, with a different name (you know how to customize your kernel name, right?), so you can enter in single mode if something happens. Another one without any framebuffer, with your binary driver proper installed. I have this configuration in my funtoo install without any issue. However, you'll need a different approach if you use CloverEFI instead of rEFInd (nothing to hard to deal, if you're here already).

2) Don't use EFIFB at all

It's quite dangerous if something happens. But still, you can make a pendrive (or use a sdcard with at least 128Mb of space and configure some bootloader to deal nomodeset in case of some emergency).

3) Don't use proprietary drivers

Disregard the problems of proprietary drivers, the opensource drivers aren't well to use in regular basis (Yet? YET?). But the choice is yours.


1) You don't need a bootloader if you use rEFInd or CloverUEFI. Learn about EFISTUB. You can even pass a kernel cmdline using EFISTUB, but isn't necessary since rEFInd and CloverUEFI can pass kernel cmdline without any problem at all (I use rEFInd+EFISTUB with initram incorporated to vmlinuz+LVM).

2) The ATI/NVIDIA drivers make your life harder as hell when you want to use EFI.Apple devices with nvidia cards doesn't have this problem because their EFIFB ARE NvidiaFBs, no big deal. Same for some IBM devices I did some research (of course I didn't use a proprietary driver on a server). Don't know about motherboards with native ATI/NVIDIA, also don't know about notebooks with discrete cards (my notebook with a nvidia card doesn't have EFI, unfortunately).

3) I've already tried to trick using CloverUEFI and even modifying my firmware and SMBIOS. It doesn't work anyways.
4) There's some options for the kernel change on-the-fly the framebuffers drivers from EFI to any some others drivers to make a more "native" approach, mysteriously those two big companies are not able to achieve this (efifb can change on-the-fly to nouveau, nuff said).

16 June 2016

The retarded windows 10 auto-download software

Now the new "feature" of windows 10 is automatic download to your computer. There's a shitload of CRAP that microsoft decided to push into your windows without your consent. And guess what? If you uninstall, they'll install again and again!
All the extra uninstalable crap in windows 10 isn't enough, microsoft? WTF?

Well then, just stop with this nonsense, open regedit and go to this key:


Create a new 32-bit DWORD value named DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures and set its value data to 1

Or use this with an administrative prompt:

reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CloudContent" /v DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f

Source: WinAreo

22 May 2016

The HELL of automatic keyboards on Windows (8, 8.1, 10, and probably the next versions)

     Probably everyone in the same situation are thinking about this crap...

     Actually, I have a Toshiba Qosmio with a windows machine and after the "free" upgrade to windows 10, I see that even my notebook with a US-English Windows, US-English Keyboard, and yes US configurations for everything, give me automatic keyboards because I'm in Brazil (WTF?). Not sufficient, that's a ridiculous arbitrary retarded feature, because he gives not one, but, FOUR LAYOUTS!! WTF? (US, US-English, ABNT, ABNT2). And guess what? He changes from one to another automagically, just to mess up your work, your brains, your life and everything else, because yeah, you're using windows so fuck you!
     After mining google, someone had the solution here.

     Simply change this thing on registry (because windows doesn't want to give you an option to change THIS SIMPLE THING):

Disable the obnoxious "Auto Detect Keyboard Layout":


Administrative command version:

reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard\Layout" /v IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f

If the language crapbar still shows, use this DWORD:


Administrative command version:

reg add "HKEY_CURRRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CTF\LangBar" /v ShowStatus /d 3 /t REG_DWORD /f

Source: http://www.microsoftpro.nl/2011/02/24/windows-2008-r2-language-bar-keeps-changing-keyboard-settings/

01 April 2016

Accessing Ubuntu VM using putty giving an error

     After update my ubuntu virtual machine, I see ssh stopped working for me and /var/log/auth.log show me this error:

Apr  1 09:17:50 ubuntuVM sshd[1638]: error: Hm, kex protocol error: type 30 seq 1 [preauth]

    If I try to connect from another linux machine or from localhost, it's fine. So after researching, I see the problem is the goddamit putty. So, it seems putty will not be fixed in the nearly future (and I don't know how bad this is for security, but I was in a hurry to access the machine via putty), so move the Diffie-hellman group exchange to the bottom (where is "warn below here"'):

22 September 2015

21 August 2015

How to stop Microsoft messing up your privacy in Windows 10 (updated 16/Jun/2016)

Disregard the fanboys saying “hurr you don’t need to change becuz windows is already perfect”,  there’s some things I can’t agree even that I run windows on a virtual machine, specially when privacy is the concern.
I will try to update this post every time I know something about it.

22 February 2015

Tuning Yoga Tablet B8000-F to suck less

So I put my hands on a Lenovo Yoga Tablet. It's not a bad device, but ffs Lenovo, you can do better than that. There's several flaws on the device, specially in the software level. I'm unable to believe that Lenovo are able to customize even in theme level but unable to make the device better in several ways.

To make the things harder, the only site full of custom stuff for this device is a russian forum.
The device itself is rock-solid, good design and the software isn't too much bloated, is simple to make workarounds, so let's get started.

Last observation: You have adb and drivers installed properly, right?

21 October 2014

GPD G7a review


It's a portable game from GPD company, you can visit their website on http://www.gpd.hk
It's a Chinese company (hong kong to be exactly) that came to compete with JXD (In my honest opinion, I think the quality is way better because I have bad experience in the past).

06 October 2014

Macbook Air 11" 2013 - The definitive guide for migration to Arch Linux - Volume 3

Now we go further down to tune up, to make things works better than the default configuration.

1) powerdown-git (AUR), laptop-mode-tools (AUR) and upower (OFFICIAL).
This will increase a lot your batttery. Install, and then, edit your .xinitrc:

xset +dpms
xset dpms 0 0 300
upower -e

2) lightum-git (AUR)

This will helps with the light sensor

3) mba6x_bl-dkms (AUR)

Without this one, the brightness of your mba will not work correctly after waking up. I wasn't able to install him correctly using yaourt, so I did a manual install and then adding it on mkinitcpio.conf

4) acpid (OFFICIAL)

Double-check if you have acpid up and running, this can cause some trouble after suspending and waking up some times.


This post isn't complete yet, but I let the incomplete version for further reference and, of course, the credits of what I've used to make this manual.

Arch Wiki
Dedicated thread to Macbook Air 2013

Macbook Air 11" 2013 - The definitive guide for migration to Arch Linux - Volume 2

In this post I'll just show some apps that can help you and some recommendations, let's get started (you can use whatever you want, of course):

1) Libreoffice 
Instead of Openoffice, I feel libreoffice is way more "light" than openoffice, so yeah. You can also use playonlinux and install your favorite microsoft office, they works quite fine using playonlinux.
2) Chrome
Stable, Dev and Beta are available through AUR, so you can install via yaourt. Firefox is also available for people that doesn't feel comfortable using chrome
3) Thunderbird
If you don't like evolution or kmail, thunderbird is available.
4) Pidgin
Personal choice, I'm not a huge fan of empathy...
5) Skype
If you don't have any issues about security, skype is available too.
6) vlc
Forget about installing a shitload of binaries, and libraries, and drivers and whatever else. Just install this guy to see videos and stuff.
7) digikam/shotwell
If you need something fast to see images from cellphones or whatever else, use digikam (for kde) or shotwell (for gnome), both of them do a nice job. If you need something more, just install gimp.
8) clementine/amarok/banshee
It's a matter of preference. I like banshee for a music player, but I gave here three choices.
9) guake/yakuake
I don't know about you, but having a terminal in the "quake" way is quite sexy. Available for QT desktops (yakuake) and GTK desktops (guake).
10) dropbox
Why not? You can also make encrypted containers with whatever crypto you like and store on dropbox.



This features isn't really necessary, but gives you some eyecandy and stuff..

1) Fonts
I have two sets of fonts I can't live without it: terminus-font (for terminal) and ttf-liberation (for desktop)
2) Fonts (again)
If you really want something way better to your eyes while working, give fontconfig-infinality a try. Is available at AUR.

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